Founder & CEO

Creative, gritty, persistent and always forward thinking, Gerard is the brains behind Graphyte™.

Gerard is not only a self-made businessman and inspirational leader but also a doting husband and father who enjoys watching Korean TV series and films (go K-Pop 😀 yay!) with his wife and daughter.

Aside from daydreaming (which he does a lot!), Gerard loves to listen to inspiring audio books on leadership, spirituality, self-improvement and motivation. He is always happy to wake up to a breakfast of his powered-up version of egg bhurji – enhanced with sliced mushrooms, celery, bell pepper, tomatoes, coriander, and various spices.

China, Japan and South Korea top Gerard’s must-visit places for business, tech innovation and futuristic technologies.

Gerard says he modeled Graphyte™ after the best Silicon Valley companies where work, fun, and play organically combine, while also ensuring everyone stays on track and upholds the core values and goals of the company.

He plans to end poverty by equipping people with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive, and by providing opportunities for them to apply their learning and experience. (Now, that’s teaching a person how to fish!)

And while Gerard is immersed in his entrepreneurial ventures and continues to pursue innovative opportunities in tech, he believes that life should be simple.


UI/UX Designer
Creative Design